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I post about dance as a medium, dance-making, performance, and production of past, present and future work. Please don’t confuse me with the dance writer Laura Shapiro, nor any of several choreographers whose last name is Shapiro.

What’s in  a Name? (Part 1)

December, 1997—Premiered Quicksilver, a solo dance, at the Merce Cunningham Studio. The thirty-minute piece was created and performed in improvisational collaboration with three musicians: Bruce Gremo, Paul Guerguerian and Victor Rice.  The title was partly ironic as the piece was quite slow, yet it also had a cool silvery quality and my costume, like my hair, was also silvery.

Video excerpt: .

July, 1998—Needed an e-mail account. Since my name and variations on it were already taken and it did not occur to me to use a number, I tried quicksilver. It also was taken and I coined, which has been my e-mail address ever since.

July/August, 1999—Conceived, directed and performed Confessions of a Luddite, a digital video realized in collaboration with videographer and editor Peter Richards, with music by Philip Corner.

“Warmth and wit are at the heart of the New York-based choreographer’s solo, (created) in response to her perplexity at many aspects of the post-industrial, digital revolution.”
NOW, Toronto, Canada.

I have never owned a television, and I did not own a computer until 2003. As of this writing, I still do not have internet access at home.

Laura Shapiro in Confessions of a Luddite Video capture: Peter Richards

May, 2007—Was invited to become a member of the Festival Committee for the American Dance Guild (ADG) and served in that capacity for three years, adjudicating in 2007 and 2008. As a programmer and organizer of the festival 2007-2009, I sent e-mails to all the choreographers and my e-mail address was cc’ed in numerous other e-mails to participants.

July, 2011—Luddite that I am, I kept putting off creating a website. Recently, I discovered that there was already a quicksilverdance online, and the young choreographer’s name seemed vaguely familiar. It turns out that she had performed in ADG’s Performance Festival in 2007. Whether this apparent appropriation of quicksilverdance occurred subliminally or deliberately, I am reminded of Martha Graham’s saying that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”