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As those of you who attended this past April’s preview of Letter from Poland (for video montage, click here) know, just a few days before the performance I found photographs of the letter writer—my maternal grandmother’s brother, Abraham Einhorn—and learned unexpected information about him.

While subsequent research has revealed his exact height (5’5”), the color of his eyes (grey) and his date of birth (November 16, 1887), and more about what happened to him after writing to my grandmother in 1937, I have not yet been able to find his death certificate.

Nonetheless, no matter the current location of his consciousness, I have decided to honor him with a public celebration of his 125th birthday, one year from today (his 124th), and will provide you with details as they develop.

In the meantime, I am preparing for a performance of sections 2–4 of Letter from Poland on a shared program at the 92nd Street Y on January 20, 2012, continuing to search for more pieces of the puzzle, and beginning to grapple with how the new information will transform the piece, especially the last two sections.