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Video capture from Pig Tales: Stick House Being Shattered
Victoria Dombroski, Mari Sakahara, Rebecca Walden

Rotterdam-based choreographer Thomas Körtvélyessy wrote me: “I thought of you instantly when I got this link: The line that struck me most was: ‘We can live without oil. We can live without gas. But we cannot live without water,’ and once again I cannot understand how this could not be obvious to anyone at all. What will be the kind of house such a Wolf will not be able to shatter given the right amount of huff and puff (or trickery, or sheer forcing into exhaustion or fake-security)?”


L. to R.: Mari Sakahara, Kaoru Ikeda-Billeci, Rebecca Walden

Recently sent the video excerpt (below) from the June 26th performance of Pig Tales at Dixon Place to the Mothers of Erie Rising, wanting to make sure that my use of parts of their eloquent letter met with their approval before I posted the video here and on YouTube. Jennifer Palazzolo, RPh., one of their founders, replied: “Thank you for honoring our work and the letter Angie wrote for all of us to Encana. It was a beautiful interpretation. We thank you for wanting to share this publicly and support you doing so.”  See to learn more about the latest developments in their situation, which will be incorporated into future, expanded versions of Pig Tales, along with more from Three Little Pigs.