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Victoria Dombroski, Mari Sakahara, Kaoru Ikeda-Billeci, Tatyana Kot in rehearsal;
photo by Amber Connors-Merino

In New York State, there are two houses (see previous post) that currently are withstanding the Wolf of fracking: the White House and Governor Andrew Cuomo’s purported ambition to occupy it in the future as President of the United States; and the upstate, country home where Sean Lennon spent many wonder-filled childhood days. Sean and his mother, Yoko Ono, wrote a song against fracking and performed it on Jimmy Fallon’s television show. They also initiated Artists Against Fracking and have been interviewed in the press.

In Erie, Colorado, however, the celebrities who supported the Mothers of Erie Rising (Mark Ruffalo, Natalie Merchant and Ed Begley) were not residents of the town, and soon after the mayor advised people not to be “emotional” about the issue, at the end of August the moratorium against fracking was lifted. By then, his own children had already moved away, and my correspondent at Mothers of Erie Rising wrote me that she would be following suit.

A new coalition, Frack-Free CO, has recently been formed and has announced a public gathering on October 23rd. Meanwhile, I am back in the studio, choreographing new material for Pig Tales that will be performed at Soaking WET, January 17-20, 2013. So far, the movement is bound-flow, mechanical and disconnected.