VTS_01_5As of this writing, Governor Cuomo is continuing to punt on whether to allow fracking in New York State. On January 11th, the last day for public comment, Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon delivered 50 cartons containing 204,000 letters to the Department of Environmental Conservation’s offices in Albany.

This was in addition to those of us, myself included, who hand-wrote and snail-mailed our letters. My letter pointed out that a study by the Colorado School of Public Health found that anyone living within a half-mile of a fracking well had a 66% higher chance of getting cancer than someone living a mile away, which is not say that even a mile’s distance would not create a statistically significant difference for someone living two or four or eight miles away!

Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon’s presence drew reporters and cameras to the otherwise deserted building. In the New York Times, Danny Hakim wrote “Ms. Ono warned that the fight would not stop even if hydraulic fracturing were approved. ‘If they do this, there will be a class action . . . It’s going to go on and on and on . . .’”

I am grateful for her willingness to commit her considerable talents and resources to this issue. Click here and here for my earlier posts about houses that could withstand the big bad wolf of fracking, and here for a video excerpt from “Pig Tales.”

Image: video capture of Kaoru Ikeda (front) and Mari Sakahara (rear) in portions of “Pig Tales,” June 2012.