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Coincidence or synchronicity? As some of you know, philosophy professor Marie Friquegnon bakes great chocolate cake, and her husband, Raziel Abelson, philosophy professor emeritus, donated a suit that I use in Letter from Poland. Although Marie graciously provided the aforementioned cake, neither of them was able to attend the celebration of letter-writer Abraham Einhorn’s 125th Birthday this past November, so I recently gave them a private showing of the slides and videos that were projected at the party.


When I got to the slides of Marine Flasher, the ship that brought Abraham Einhorn from Bremerhaven to New York City in May 1946, Raziel exclaimed “I was in Bremerhaven at the end of the war. Marine Flasher was the companion ship to Marine Perch, where I was the radio operator!” He went on to explain that the ships, combination freighter and passenger, were unusually fast at the time, with speeds of up to 20 knots (c. 25 miles) per hour. With this first “cargo” of refugees to the U.S., the American citizens were given the cabins and the Jewish refugees slept in the hold.