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After I had written the text for what will become the next-to the-last section of Letter from Poland, I double-checked with Theater for the New City that it would be appropriately festive for the Lower East Side Festival of the Arts to mention Dachau Concentration Camp in the second sentence. The answer was that they programmed the dark as well as the light. My new section was scheduled between excerpts from a musical version of Tom Jones and the guitarist and topical songwriter David Ippolito.

I had requested lighting as simple as the choreography. As I came onstage to perform on May 26th, I learned that the upstage-right special that came up slowly and would stay up, unchanging for six minutes, and did not allow me to see the audience. This proved helpful to inhabiting other times and places. In retrospect, I realized that referencing World War II in Europe was actually appropriate for Memorial Day Weekend.