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I have been invited to teach a three-session series of classes for dancers and other skilled movers:

Saturday November 9, 16, and 23
from 2-3:30 pm

at The Construction Company
10 East 18th Street, 3rd floor

Maximum of 8 participants, so that each person can receive individual attention.

Fee of $50 for all three sessions.

Our investigations of structure and energy will uncover new ways of understanding, releasing and toning core, low back, rotation of the legs–and much more–with a variety of sequencing including core to periphery, head to toe, and from the ground up. The specific needs of attendees will be intrinsic to our focus.

Please let me know if you have any questions and feel free to pass this on to colleagues and/or clients.



When I began my FAR Space residency in July, I thought I would be creating new material for Pig Tales—for other people to perform. The first day of the residency, I began generating movement in silence.

The next day, I casually threw a CD with environmentally–related compositions into my bag as I was leaving for the studio. The first piece on the CD, Paul Rudy’s “Vastly Shrinking Space,” worked uncannily with the fledgling movement and concept. I have continued to develop the movement in silence and underscore it with the music.

The more I worked with the movement, the more it began to feel idiosyncratically “mine” rather than something that I would set on the dancers. When video artist Andrew Gurian came to the studio to document a rehearsal, we discussed adding live and pre–recorded video of dance, natural environments and industrial imagery. Whether After All eventually becomes part of Pig Tales—or not—it functions as a stand–alone piece.