After discussions with colleague Andrea Haenggi, I decided to offer Chi Kung practice—open to all—prior to the march, so that we can renew our own energy before marching for renewable energy.


We are currently planning to meet at 10:00 am, on the northeast corner of 77th Street and Amsterdam, and then practicing Chi Kung after we join the renewable energy group. Given the complex logistics of this huge march, the time and/or location of our meeting could change.

If you are interested in joining us please let us know how to reach you if there are changes. Right now the forecast for Sunday is great, yet in case this changes, most 99-cent stores sell very light-weight rain ponchos for about $1.29. Pack lightly for the day, yet do bring water and snacks to fuel yourself for several hours.

For more information about the march, what to bring, etc., please see