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naturalgasfiLast fall I realized that I would not be able to conceive Cooking with Gas fully until cooking–gas service was finally restored to all the tenants in my building, a prospect that now appears likely by the end of March.

Our Xmas Eve “present” from building management was a memo stating that work on re–piping gas lines to restore service to tenants still without it since April 13, 2014 would begin on December 30th, almost two months after work permits were issued November 7th.

The work being done has consisted of constant chaos and misinformation as well as exposure to lead dust and other health hazards that occur when plumbers drill and cut holes in walls without following required protocols for a building that was built around 1930.

I have dismantled my kitchen twice. Its contents have been sitting in my one–room apartment, as I can’t bear the thought of taking my kitchen apart again if the inspector determines that my wall needs to be broken into.


Curiously, the dictionary tells us that the word gas derives from both the Latin and Greek words for CHAOS: “the confused state of primordial matter before the creation of orderly forms,”—an apt description of our experience as tenants, dancers, and human beings!