This year, on March 9th at 8 pm, I’ll be performing a new solo, Last Gasp! (First Draft), at the BAAD!ASS Women’s Festival. I’m delighted to have been invited back to the festival for a third year and to have been allotted more time on the program with each invitation.

With mordant humor, talking as well as movement, video projections, and colorful costumes, my new piece, Last Gasp! (First Draft), considers personal end–of–life preparations within a perspective of possible planetary apocalypse and/or exhaustion.

March 9th is also the day after International Women’s Day and the day before the anniversary of the Tibetan uprising in 1959. In 1959, March 9th was the day Barbie was launched, and in 1961, March 9th was the day Sputnik 9 carried — and successfully returned from orbit — a dog named Chernushka (Blackie), nameless frogs, and a guinea pig.