Laura Shapiro in Letter from Poland

Over the course of more than three decades, Laura Shapiro’s independent artistic journey has taken her from New York to the Northwest, Asia and Europe. The consummate simplicity of her movement style is informed by decades of extensive study of traditional and new, Eastern and Western approaches to alignment, energy and awareness, which she now also teaches. From the energy medicine of meditation and chi kung to the energy policies currently under public debate, she is interested in exploring the elements of which we are comprised and the elements in nature, as they are found in traditional cosmologies and movement practices; contemporary science and environmental studies; and in our experience and practice of movement in daily life and onstage.

In the New York Times, Jack Anderson described her work as having “access to magic powers,” and Jennifer Dunning wrote about her “compelling presence,” “enjoyable feminist wit,” and “the simplicity of her theatrical touches (being) just right for the development of (her) themes.” In Attitude, Nefretete Rasheed wrote “The power of Shapiro’s work seems to lie in its ability to suspend and sustain us in countless yet singular, incisive moments of movement….where the dance is given, right from the heart…”

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Performer: Laura Shapiro in Letter from Poland. Photo: Francesca Gobeille.