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Between the often oppressive heat and the ongoing chaos of the world, this summer I found myself doing more reading than choreographing, in addition to teaching. This research and reflection included books ranging from David Reich’s Who We Are and How We Got Here: Ancient DNA Revolution and the New Science of the Ancient Past, to Margaret Atwood’s Hag Seed, to Lilian Karina and Marion Kant’s Hitler’s Dancers: German Modern Dance and the Third Reich.

Back in June, however, several colleagues attended the performance of Last Gasp! at Performance Mix Festival 33, and I was glad that the response was so positive. I am in–process of discussing further opportunities to perform the piece. I also have begun to re–embody between two oceans, which I performed just once this past February. I am grateful to Penny Ward’s clear video documentation, which reminds me of details I had forgotten and lets me see where the piece can be tweaked for future performance.


Laura Shapiro in Last Gasp! Photo credit: Kathryn Butler Photography