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Laura-Shapiro_Chi-Kung-in-the-Park_4x6For dancers and non–dancers of all ages and levels of fitness, I teach Chi Kung: Damo I Jin, an all–standing form of Chi Kung, in Prospect Park on Sundays at 11 am. We meet at the 9th Street entrance, at the benches behind the square sculpture, and then walk into the park and choose our location for the day.

Damo I Jin is a “sinew-changing” form of Chi Kung that includes special breathing techniques, isometrics, and challenging twists, bends and squats—modified for each individual as appropriate. The benefits of this traditional practice include a clear, alert mind and increased energy with which to deal with the challenges of 21st–century life.

For directions and to register, please contact or 212-946-1537 by the Friday before the Sunday you are planning to attend. And please provide a phone number where you can be reached in case of last minute, weather-related changes.


naturalgasfiLast fall I realized that I would not be able to conceive Cooking with Gas fully until cooking–gas service was finally restored to all the tenants in my building, a prospect that now appears likely by the end of March.

Our Xmas Eve “present” from building management was a memo stating that work on re–piping gas lines to restore service to tenants still without it since April 13, 2014 would begin on December 30th, almost two months after work permits were issued November 7th.

The work being done has consisted of constant chaos and misinformation as well as exposure to lead dust and other health hazards that occur when plumbers drill and cut holes in walls without following required protocols for a building that was built around 1930.

I have dismantled my kitchen twice. Its contents have been sitting in my one–room apartment, as I can’t bear the thought of taking my kitchen apart again if the inspector determines that my wall needs to be broken into.


Curiously, the dictionary tells us that the word gas derives from both the Latin and Greek words for CHAOS: “the confused state of primordial matter before the creation of orderly forms,”—an apt description of our experience as tenants, dancers, and human beings!

LauraDrawings_27Oct13-1During the first session, one woman was surprised to feel discomfort in an area that had not been bothering her, and later realized that the chronic, not–quite–rightness of one hip came, not from dance injuries, but rather was the residue in the muscles and fascia from having been thrown down a flight of stairs by a crazy person over twenty years ago. Another choreographer found that she was much tighter on the side that has not been causing her pain. And, although we were mostly focusing on the lower body, a third attendee reported that her arms and shoulders were sore the next day.

This week the focus will be the upper body.


I have been invited to teach a three-session series of classes for dancers and other skilled movers:

Saturday November 9, 16, and 23
from 2-3:30 pm

at The Construction Company
10 East 18th Street, 3rd floor

Maximum of 8 participants, so that each person can receive individual attention.

Fee of $50 for all three sessions.

Our investigations of structure and energy will uncover new ways of understanding, releasing and toning core, low back, rotation of the legs–and much more–with a variety of sequencing including core to periphery, head to toe, and from the ground up. The specific needs of attendees will be intrinsic to our focus.

Please let me know if you have any questions and feel free to pass this on to colleagues and/or clients.