Previewed at the Construction Company on April 30, 2011, Letter from Poland is a full-length, mostly solo, performance/installation with movement; music from Doug Wieselman’s Trio S; video (projection design by Andrew Gurian, camera by Celeste Hastings, music by Gordon Mumma, with dancers Thomas Kortvelyessy and Brynn Edyn Rosen); live and recorded text; and mirrors, maps, props and photographs.

Site-adaptable, elements of Letter from Poland will need to be reconfigured for each venue—due to differences in the dimensions of the space, surfaces available for video projection, and choices of entrances and exits. The ending of the piece also will change as I only learned important (and totally unexpected) information about the letter writer three days before the preview performance; and the transition from what happened to him (which I am in the midst of researching further) to the “Tree of Life” section (I had not heard of the film while creating the piece!) needs further consideration and development.

It ‘took a village’ to create this evening-length solo, and I am enormously grateful to all of the collaborators who have contributed to Letter from Poland who, in addition to the artists named above, include: Chana Pollack and Myra Miniewski, who translated the letter my grandmother’s half-brother sent her in 1937; Allen Lewis Rickman, the actor who read the letter in Yiddish and English; Phil Lee of CityVox for recording the readings of the letter and mixing text and sound; and Andrew Lu, for his nuanced, sensitive lighting of the piece.