Shapiro’s long–term interest in new music and jazz has led to adventurous collaborations with many new music and jazz composer/performers including the late Thomas Chapin; the late Leroy Jenkins; Doug Wieselman; Bruce Gremo, Paul Guerguerian and Victor Rice; Joe McPhee and Rosi Hertlein; Kristin Norderval with Alexandra Montano; Dan Evans Farkas; as well as permission to work with recorded pieces by Matthew Burtner, Philip Corner, Briggan Krauss, Mary Jane Leach, Gordon Mumma, Paul Rudy, Somei Satoh, Jim Staley, Ushio Torikai, Lois V Vierk, Doug Wieselman, and others.

Confessions of a Luddite, an experimental dance video, was made in collaboration with videographer Peter Richards and shown in Toronto and NYC.

Video artist Andrew Gurian has created projections for live performances of Letter from Poland, After All and Last Gasp! (First Draft), with a different approach to projection for each piece. For Letter from Poland, he projected onto the ceiling and three walls; for After All, he used the projector as a follow spot; and for Last Gasp! (First Draft), he projected the images for one section onto Shapiro’s costume, and for another section, onto the wall above her.

With a background primarily in theatre, Andrew Liu brought a fresh, yet nuanced perspective to lighting two very different pieces in two very different spaces: Letter from Poland (a solo) at The Construction Company and portions of Pig Tales (six performers) at Dixon Place.

With more portions of Pig Tales (four performers) at the West End Theater, Jay Ryan was the consummate professional and took great care to create magic with limited instruments.

For the afternoon performance of The Lemonade Variations at DraftWork at Danspace Project, the natural alternation of sunshine and clouds through the stained-glass windows created some truly remarkable lighting!

For Last Gasp! (First Draft), Emmanuel Delgado, the technical director at BAAD! skillfully complimented the video projections with subtle lighting and adjusted the audio levels with sensitivity.

Photos (top) Trayer Run-Kowzun in Clear Skies, Sun Shining photo by Stephen Schreiber; (bottom) Laura Shapiro in After All, video capture