Photo: Steven Schreiber

Globalization and Its Discontents” is a multi-piece, movement-driven performance  project that is sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA). Currently, Shapiro is creating two new pieces for the project: Letter from Poland and Are You Eligible?

Video capture: Andrew Gurian

Pig Tales is a piece for six women with text from Three Little Pigs, E. B. White, Khempo Tsultrin Gyamtso, and an eloquent letter from the Mothers of Erie Rising asking a mining company not to set up fracking wells next to their childrens’ schools. See blog posts for more information and click here for video excerpt.

Letter from Poland is a solo that previewed at The Construction Company in April 2011. The piece developed out of a letter sent to Shapiro’s grandmother in 1937. Excerpts from it were performed at the 92nd Street Y in January, 2012. For more information about collaborating artists and to view video montage click here.

 Are You Eligible? is a new group piece for five performers, using text from IRS Publication 596, Excerpts from somewhere in the middle of which were shown at Dixon Place in October 2010, and new sections will be performed at Dixon Place on June 26th 2012. For more information about the performers click here.

Photo: Jianqing Ye

Clear Skies, Sun Shining premiered on September 11, 2009 at the ADG Performance Festival at Manhattan Movement and Arts Center, with the support of a Special Opportunity Grant from NYFA. A DVD of this performance was screened at Dance New Amsterdam’s “Day of Remembrance and Reflection” on September 11, 2011.

Photo: Jianqing Ye

Other pieces created for the project include Coal Miners’ Daughters—based on the true story of unemployed coal miners (in Japan) whose daughters took up (Hawaiian) dancing in order to support their families. It was shown on a “Bare Bones” program at the Construction Company in June, 2009; revised with an expanded cast for Women in Dance at the 92nd Street Y: History in the Making in December, 2009; and reprised for the Lower East Side Festival at Theatre for the New City in May, 2011.

Video capture: Celeste Hastings

The project began with In Parts: Moving (like the “Bride of Frankenstein”), a piece that emerged from Shapiro’s several-year healing journey with rheumatoid arthritis. She performed a solo from “Bride” at the ADG Performance Festival 2007, BAAD!Ass Women’s Festival 2008, Lower East Side Festival 2009 at TNC, and the Ferment Series at CAVE, also in 2009. A section for five dancers, with live music by Dan Evans Farkas, was performed on a Movement Research “About Town” program in the DTW theater in 2005.

Performers in photos (from top to bottom, left to right)Fantasy Olympics–Pascal Rekoert, Janet Aisawa, Ingrid Kullbert-Bendz, Shizu Homma, Meredith Blouin; Pig Tales–Victoria Dombroski, Kaoru Ikeda-Billecci, Tatyana Kot, Ingrid Kullberg-Bendz, Mari Sakahara, Rebecca Walden; Clear Skies, Sun Shining–Trayer Run-kowzun, Ingrid Kullbert-Bendz; Coal Miners’ Daughters–Mari Sakahara, Trayer Run-kowzun; In Parts: Moving (like the “Bride of Frankenstein”)–Laura Shapiro.