My work requires seasoned performers who can be still or do very minimal movement and hold the viewer’s attention, and also move freely with total conviction. I have been fortunate to work with compelling performers from all over the world including actors who can walk on their hands, choreographers wiling to perform in other choreographers’ projects, dancers who are also healers, dancers who also teach in academic settings and, in some cases, amazing people who do all of the above—and more!

In early 2017, I added the opening duet to The Lemonade Variations for Ingrid Kullberg-Bendz and myself, and Celeste Hastings and Mari Sakahara valiantly joined us on short notice to complete the cast for the performance at DraftWork at Danspace Project in February. Then for the performance in May, different personas emerged as Maisah Hargett and Kaoru Ikeda joined us.

  • Multi-talented Ingrid Kullberg-Bendz is an actor/dancer/singer from Sweden, who had featured roles in the original casts of Mamma Mia! and Chess in Stockholm, toured with a Swedish avant-garde dance company, E=mc2 Dance, for ten years, is currently a member of the Scandinavian American Theater Company, the mother of a 9-year-old son, can juggle lemons and has performed in several of my projects since 2008.
  • Multi-media artist Celeste Hastings has her own company, The Butoh Rockettes. Although we have exchanged technical assistance on previous projects, I am grateful that she was available to bring her subtly virtuoso presence to the work.
  • Maisah Hargett is a wonderful, intuitive yet precise dancer, and her thoughtful, nuanced contribution to the piece was greatly appreciated.
  • Kaoru Ikeda, from Japan, has recently formed her own company, MoustacheCat Dance. She performed in both versions of Pig Tales (2012 and 2013) and immediately understood what I was looking for with regard to her role in The Lemonade Variations.
  • Mari Sakahara, also from Japan, performed as the princess in ceremonies at a Shinto shrine for many years as well as Kabuki and is also a Duncan dancer. She has brought her unique interweaving of Eastern and Western sensibilities to several of my projects since 2009.

Other performers who have lent their talents to my work include: Janet Aisawa, Douglas Allen, Marjolayne Auger, Andrew Broaddus, Uttara Asha Coorlawala, Victoria Dombroski, Ashley A. Friend, Jaime Galindo, MaiaClaire Garrison, Shizu Homma, Kiori Kawai, Thomas Kortvelyessy, Tatyana Kot, Pascal Rekoert, Trayer Run-Kowzun, Irene Siegel, Mary Seidman.

Top, photos by: Stephen Schreiber (L), video capture (C), Ian Douglas (R)
Bottom, video captures (L-R) of: Ingrid Kullberg-Bendz, Celeste Hastings, Maisah Hargett, Kaoru Ikeda, Mari Sakahara