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LV-2nd-rehearsal_300After learning that I have been accepted to show work on Movement Research’s Monday Night Series at Judson Church in the fall (date TBA), I began to visualize more performers onstage for The Lemonade Variations. I invited Ingrid Kullberg-Benz, who has worked with me on previous projects, and Irene Siegel, who has not, to join me in the studio. They are both such accomplished pros that after just two two-hour rehearsals they have pretty much nailed the four-and-a-half minute theme containing many idiosyncratic shapes, gestures, rhythms and dynamics on which the other variations build.

Photo (L to R): Irene Siegel, Ingrid Kullberg-Bendz, and Laura Shapiro


Judson_crossI have been invited to show a piece on a tribute program for Frances Alenikoff at Eden’s Expressway—the space she founded and nurtured—on Friday, June 19th. My first full evening of choreography was shown there many moons ago, and in the years since, I have rehearsed new works, attended performances of colleagues’ work, and taken and taught classes there. During this time I had many instructive encounters with the inimitable Frances, and although Frances was not on my mind when I created and performed After All last year—at the BAADAss Women’s Festival and Movement Research’s Monday Night Series at Judson Church—she is a positive, implicit presence in my current preparation for this upcoming performance.


Photo: Ian Douglas


Above is a video capture from the performance of After All at Judson Church on May 19th. The energy of the space and the experience of performing in it were truly magical. We were delighted to find that Andrew Gurian’s video projections—created for the choreography—looked almost operatic in scale in Judson’s large, beautiful space. Now we know that it is a site–adaptable piece that can be configured for any space, and we are looking forward to performing it in a variety of venues.


In preparation for performing After All at Judson on Monday, May 19th, I have recently created a dynamic new entrance to complement Andrew Gurian’s video projection onto Judson’s light–colored floor and the abrupt beginning of Paul Rudy’s music for cellist Madeleine Shapiro and electronics.

I will be the only New York–based choreographer, sharing the program with three other dance–makers: Martin Lanz from Austria now living in Uruguay, Rosy Simas from Minneapolis, and Doris Uhlich from Austria.

Since Movement Research at Judson Church seats audience on three sides, I now run through the piece with a different spatial awareness—and on more than one occasion I have found myself facing side rather than front!