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Laura-Shapiro_Chi-Kung-in-the-Park_4x6For dancers and non–dancers of all ages and levels of fitness, I teach Chi Kung: Damo I Jin, an all–standing form of Chi Kung, in Prospect Park on Sundays at 11 am. We meet at the 9th Street entrance, at the benches behind the square sculpture, and then walk into the park and choose our location for the day.

Damo I Jin is a “sinew-changing” form of Chi Kung that includes special breathing techniques, isometrics, and challenging twists, bends and squats—modified for each individual as appropriate. The benefits of this traditional practice include a clear, alert mind and increased energy with which to deal with the challenges of 21st–century life.

For directions and to register, please contact or 212-946-1537 by the Friday before the Sunday you are planning to attend. And please provide a phone number where you can be reached in case of last minute, weather-related changes.